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Private Equity

        Our VC/PE practice focuses on supporting tech companies in Europe, US and Israel with their growth, both organically and through acquisitions. We work primarily with businesses in TMT and industrial-technology sectors and cooperate with teams to accelerate growth, open new markets, restructure businesses and build platforms through acquisitions.

        We are not only technology experts, but also financial investors, we help our portfolio companies expanding onto new economies, raising further financing and closing strategic partnerships.


Mergers & Acquisitions

        One of the main lines of business of Satellite Capital, is advisory on cross-border M&A, representing both buy and sell-side interests.
We provide a full range of M&A and financial advisory services focusing primarily on high-tech and deep-tech companies in TMT, advanced materials, robotics and other advanced industrial technologies.

        Representing buy side clients, we help identify the right acquisition targets, based on the client's expansion strategy, or assist in defining strategy and support the acquisition process from initial contact with the acquisition target to deal closing. Our connections with European and US venture capital and private equity industry, as well as a long track record of investing in high-tech companies in US and Europe make it easy for us to identify the right opportunities and access any high-tech target across the globe.

        On sell-side, we mostly focus on cross-border acquisition for companies from EU and US with buyers from Asia (predominantly China) and United States. We first provide an initial assessment of the company potential to be acquired, use our expertise to identify potential major hurdles related specifically to the company or the underlying industry segment or geography. We then work with the company to understand if the gaps identified can be bridged to increase the probability of successful transaction outcome and once that is managed, engage in the full-scale IB process.

        Apart from high-tech area, through our partners we have exclusive access to some of the major deals in construction, hotel industry, logistics and banking space.

      We leverage the intellectual capital, industry expertise, and our global network to deliver the optimal result to our customers. Our clients include multi-national corporations, public and private companies, and financial investors.  
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