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Before co-founding Satellite Capital, Andrey spent more than 15 years working in Telecom/Hi-tech/VC areas, has founded one of the first telecom operators in Russia and led it to becoming the largest independent (not owned by major telecom companies) telecom operator in Moscow. In 2014 Andrey joined CB Invest (investment and cross-border IB firm) as a managing partner.

Andrey has founded and invested in a number of high-tech companies in industry and infrastructure space, among them an innovative fiber-optics company, producing the thinnest armored fiber-optic microcables in the world.

Since 2009 Andrey has been actively involved in Venture Capital and Private Equity transactions in IT & Deeptech fields in Europe and Russia as well as in a number of crossborder Technology Transfer projects (USA and Europe).

Andrey has a master's degree in Mathematics end Economics from Lomonosov Moscow State University and owns 3 patents in fiber-optics field.

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